Earth to Rebecca!

Hi guys! Wow it sure has been a long long while! Im pretty certain I've lost many of you along the way...and I apologise. But the past 8.5 months have been the busiest, craziest ones in my entire life! And I know I have said that before but cross my heart! So to start I should let you know that shortly after we got home from our Christmas Vacation in Palm Springs I learned that I was PREGNANT!!!!! I still can't believe it and here I sit ready to pop!

Right now I'm in my 35th week and the due date has been set for October 8th! We are actually taking some time off to travel back home to Victoria to have the baby!!!

So as far as this pregnancy goes (my first) I really have nothing to compare it to but I can tell you one thing....BOY OH BOY was I sick for the first 4.5 months. So sick that I had Nathaniel throw out ALL of our house hold area rugs, relocate the cat litter to the basement, and hide all my body lotions, perfumes, scented candles, and home fragrance oils :(  Anything that smelled like anything HAD TO GO! Even our poor dogs got a lot less attention during those first months....poor fellas. I barely got through my last semester of my university degree....but am happy and relieved to say that on June 21st I graduated with my Biological Sciences degree! Just in time too as it was a goal of mine to complete my degree before having kids :)

So alas this is why I have all together abandoned the world of blogging. Pregnant, with almost every side effect I can think of, and scrambling to make it to class... I just didn't have any mind space  or energy for any decorating, painting, or blogging. In fact, I JUST started and finished the nursery in the past few weeks...

So for the sake of this blog being somewhat of a journal of my life here in Edmonton I thought I`d post a few photos of the evolution of my 'bump'!

Here I am at 21 weeks...the first sign of a bump!

 This is a pic at 7.5 months...getting bigger :)

And almost 8 months...

Here's a 3D ultrasound photo of our little dove!

32 weeks

34 weeks

Here's the most recent pic at 35 weeks!

We are so excited about this new adventure in our lives!!! And in only a matter of weeks we will have our very own little bundle of joy!


Shabbily By The Sea said...

You haven't lost me :) still sorry you have been so sick my sister was the same..your baby bump pictures are super cute and you must be so excited,

Vintage Home said...

So So So excited for you two. Good for you to prioritize! Although I was so excited when I saw you where back!
Have a great time in Victoria, we will be there for Thanksgiving.
Such a fun place to have your baby near family & the ocean!