First Ever Give-Away!!

I think its about time I give something back to you trusty, faithful blogger friends and so I have a PlumeAria give-away handmade by yours truly! The winner will have the choice between either this feathered headband OR...
This feathered hair clip...
Just post a comment to enter anytime from now until Sunday at noon!

Bedroom End-Table Makeover

I have a conundrum...and I need YOUR you can see we currently have 2 IDENTICAL unpainted end-tables on either side of our bed...they are my next painting project....

I have always been a huge fan of mismatched here lies my question: when I transform these do I have a TON of fun trying to make them look completely different from each other....OR do I just transform them both to a new look but keep them as a matching pair?
Can't wait to hear what you guys think!!!!

Fridays just became more FUN!!!

I am SO very excited about Holly's Fresh Coat FRIDAYS!

So here is my submission...Nathaniel's Mom actually built him this little side table when he was a teen :) It's very well built and since it's going to be with us for a long time I thought I'd make it a little more our style... I've been itching to use the truck again to go find a new piece but I've promised myself to do all the pieces I currently have before I can go out and get another!

I fell in LOVE with the hardware on one of Holly's recent furniture reinventions and so I thought I might try the same pulls on this little guy!

I even made my first attempt at notching my own key-hole...It turned out a teeny bit crooked but I decided I kinda like it and it adds a little charm...

I really love the chunky hardware...when I first saw them on Holly's blog I fell in LOVE...I think this is the FIRST piece I've done where I picked the hardware BEFORE I even knew what I'd be painting LOL!

I know it's hard to tell because my walls are so grey but the dresser itself is actually painted a soft grey and not white...

Another bonus about doing pieces we already have is that we have a spot for it hee hee! I'm not going to lie...I've recently been looking on real estate websites to find a bigger home...I would HOARD furniture projects if I could (and I need more room!!!)...somebody stop me :)...

I can't wait to check out everyone's submissions and I'm sure I'll get a ton of new inspiration!!! I'm already thinking of my next project for next Friday!!!


I got to thinking tonight about how unique my crazy little animals are and how important they are to me:) after 6 years of marriage we don't have any babies of our own (YET) so for now the furry ones are as close as it gets... so I just wanted to dedicate this blog post to a girl's best friend...and I've got four of them! And BOY OH BOY did they entertain me the past 7 months my soldier was's almost like they knew???

Here is Calypso...our 2 year old English Mastiff-Rottweiler Cross....she's a doll, a gentle-giant...even if the back door is accidentally left open, she never wanders away...
Sometimes she looks funny when she sleeps LOL.....

She honestly has NO idea how BIG she really is! She LOVES to cuddle and snuggle and sit on your lap....even if you can't breathe LOL (ok not really funny when it's happening)

Then there's our 5 year old cat Sasuke...he's truly the CRAZIEST most STRANGE cat I could even try to describe...he fetches straws and hair elastics as a favorite past time...loves to shred leather...chases his shadow....drinks from the tap...and loves to hide and make us panic thinking we've lost him....oh and did I mention he tries to talk?? REALLY!!! he does!!!
Oh Kato...this is my buddy...I've had him since I was 13!!!! That makes him ANCIENT!!! Let's put it this way...he's been my bud since my parents were still married LOL! Uh....that means he's real old! But he's still kickin' it and I honestly don't know what I'd do without this pal of mine!

When we first moved to this house (it was the first time we hadn't lived in a condo in 5 years) we let Kato out to explore outdoors like he used to when we lived in Victoria...and we lost him for 5 days!!! We canvassed the neighbourhood door-to-door with 500 laminated colour copied MISSING posters!! Needless to say, it worked and on the 5th night of searching, we found him! Boy was I relieved...I just felt so terrible to lose him after 14 years!....SO happy he's safe at home!
Totally caught red-handed trying to shred the new slip-covers! Kato's favorite past times are eating Q-tips out of the trash (dirty ones...I know...EWWY), playing tag (no, really), and playing outdoors (he's monitored closely now)!
Finally here is our 3 year old Scotty-Westie Mix...Toto....what can I say about this guy...he's soulful...take one look into his eyes and you will see what I mean! He is always by my side...always. Waits for matter what we do or where we go...
This is a usual day in our household  :)

Toto is ALWAYS smiling...this one made me laugh out loud!

I hope this wasn't the most boring post in the world...I know Not everyone is an animal lover and that's OK...but I just had to do a post on my closest most reliable of friends...

Library Desk

I'm so happy I feel like I'm in lala land! I haven't painted a piece of furniture in 8 months and so doing this transformation was just what I needed! Last week Nathaniel bought a truck and he kindly gave the keys up to me that very day so I could go hunting for something to paint! I came home with this!
And after a LOT of fun painting here it is....

We are going to put our home computer on this desk since it`s currently hiding inside a giant armoire which makes it difficult to use since there`s no place to put our legs LOL! So we will definitely get a lot of use out of this desk!!!

Nautical Stripes

On a fun filled day not too long ago Holly and I came across this lonesome pretty chair at a local antique mall! This one definitely caught my eye with all the gorgeous ornate wood detail on the back...however....the choice of fabric on the seat just didn't tickle our fancy!  So I found some sweet ticking stripe fabric at Chintz and Company and Holly gave me a great lesson on DIY seat re-covering! (Ok ok I'll be honest~ Holly did ALL the work while I was distracted playing with Wren lol)
What do you think?? Much better in my opinion!! The navy stripes on the seat look sharp against the stark white on the chair!
I sent my sister Jess a photo of the chair and she fell in we called Greyhound and it turns out they will only charge around $20 something dollars to send it all the way to Victoria!! I wish I had room for it but our small home is beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders and so I think it's best my sister gives this chair a home :)