Antique Dresser turned Vanity

Hopefully in less than a weeks time I can show off the final reveal for this bathroom makeover! The vanity and floor are complete! Plumbing and all! The only things I have left to tackle besides a few odds and ends are a new shower curtain (hoping to get another pretty Anthro one), a vanity mirror, new light fixture, and PAINT!!!!
Here is a somewhat tutorial on how to transform a dresser into a custom vanity!
First things first...since I am not putting a slab of marble or any other hard surface on top of this piece, I made sure I lacquered the dickens out of the top of it so it could withstand a lot of splashing and water droplets in the years to come! Once dry, I took the sink 'cut-out' template that came with the sink and made a few modifications of my own (specifically, I made the 'cut-out' quite a bit smaller, so the strength of the vanity would be less compromised. I wanted to be able to cut out JUST ENOUGH for the sink to fit snug :)

I cut out the center of the template, so I had a mock paper sink, and the center was the area of wood to be removed. I secured the template with painters tape and traced the inner square onto the dresser. 
I actually had step-by-step photos of how to do all this but I think I accidentally deleted them in the process  :(
After the square was traced, I removed the template and drilled a hole inside the square so that my skill saw blade had somewhere to start the cut-out process....I then pushed the saw towards the line drawn cut-out and trying my VERY BEST to stay on the lines, cut out the square.

Voila! I'm pretty proud of myself :) As you can see (ahem...the right side of the cut-out), it's not perfect! But it did the job because when I took that sink and plopped it in the hole, it FIT!!!! First time was a charm in this case (this never happens for me)!!!!

I assembled everything up in the bathroom and called a plumber to re-attach the pipes. I could have done this part on my own, but after tackling the toilet myself, I thought I'd sit back and watch on this one :P
As you can see, the walls are still needing paint, and that's the very next thing on my list.
Refitting the drawers was pretty easy as well. Using a measuring tape, I marked where the pipes were on the wooden drawers. Then I took my same handy skill saw and cut out space for the pipes. Using some 1/4" wood I made new drawer edges on the inside of the drawers, using a combination of glue and the odd nail to keep them in place.

I can't wait to tie all the odds and ends together in this bathroom. I love looking at it and knowing that we put the whole thing together. So far the WHOLE project has cost us less than $500!

I'm also seeking your opinions on this one little detail! These pretty antique looking faucet handles came with FOUR combinations as options!!! Stainless or Antique ceramic? English or Francais? (I kinda like the french writing for a touch of I think I'm sold on that idea)...but I really want to know what you think about the two handle finishes??


Or antique ceramic?

I start my last university semester next Wednesday so I NEED to get myself in gear and paint BEFORE I get swamped with biology homework! Someone please light a fire under me :)

Also, any thoughts on paint colours? I'm definitely going with a sort of white in here. Since there are no windows I want to keep it airy and fresh...but I'm wondering what undertone will compliment the mix of cream in the dresser and cool greys in the tiles?
~Happy Long Weekend Everyone~


Jessica said...

Great job Becky!! It is the nicest vanity I have ever seen. You are so handy.
I like the stainless better.
Love you

Vintage Home said...

...OH my ..I am soo excited for looks beautiful!.....WE sell furniture & I am all ways telling people to make vanities out of vintage pieces!...You are inspiring!...I need to get my butt i gear & do this too!...(I like the stainless...never out of style!)...I am sooo excited for your reveal!

mrso' said...

seriously gorgeous! i need to get some projects done before i go back to school next week too!

Deb said...

You did all that to the sink yourself!? You go girl!

Hayli said...

Beautiful job on the vanity! Can't wait to see it all put together!

I have to go with the antique ceramic on the faucet....I think it matches the overall aesthetic better.

Thanks for sharing.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

This bathroom is going to be awesome - the vanity is perfect!

The Frosted Gardner said...

Love it Love it! Cannot wait to see the final reveal!

Amanda said...

oh my beautiful vanity! favorite project, EVER. i want to do this SOOOO bad. so if i ever do, i may be blowing up your email on "instructions for my clueless self". although your tutorial was fabulous.

i love that you chose french writing for whimsy. i was leaning toward the ceramic because it adds another touch of "vintage" to pull in the look of the dresser while the sink and floor is less "antique" looking. but the stainless is timeless.

now i really cant wait to see it all together.

GREAT work pretty lady!

MUA said...

antic ceramic !!!! but I am french so I am not objective did an amazing job with this vanity. I am curious to see how you manage to do the inside of the drawers ???? pics , pretty please ?

Caro xxx

Momma Rhyne said...

Antique ceramic all the way, need to keep the piece consistent in it's old age!! So jealous, I've been looking for a piece like that for 6 months now, I'm just too cheap to pay what most people want, LOL.
Can't wait to see!

Ms.Cupcake said...

Fantastic! Love your retrofit vanity! Very nice job Beck! Did you seriously do the toilet? Wonderwoman. period. Nathaniel is luck to have a handy counterpart ;)
Anyhoot, thanks so much for the wished and prayers for Ty as the search continues.

Jen said...

I love it! Its a beautiful vanity. I thinki you should go with the antique ceramic knobs, they just add that extra touch.

elenatherese said...

Hey Rebecca - the bathroom is looking great! One thing to consider, the stainless is going to show more finger prints and water spots show up on it more - I have stainless in my bathroom and it can be a pain to clan them all the time so prints and water don't show. Just a thought....

Shabby Vintage Threads said...

I am in love with both of those faucets! Tough choice!! Where did you find them?

This Full Life said...

Wow - I love the juxtapostion of the antique dresser with that modern sink. It's beautiful!

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

absolutely beautiful! i like the stainless, the white is nice.... but i agree stainless will always work :)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Its looking fabulous! I love the ceramic, so different.

Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating said...

I love this dresser makeover! I've included it in my roundup of 12 ways to repurpose a dresser.

Thanks for the inspiration!!