Postcard From Home

We had so much fun painting these past few days and we couldn't have asked for better weather!!! Especially considering rain is the typical forecast in Victoria! We had 5 days in a row of gorgeous blue sky!!!
Besides painting a few of our own furniture items, my mom had asked if we could paint a few of hers too! She had two of these pretty end tables since Jess and I were small and I couldn't wait to colour them white!!!

Here is what they looked like after a little white LOVE! And I must admit how much I loved getting to play with my Mom and Grandma's antiques again.

The paint colour we used was a white with a hint of pale turquoise! We decided to just lightly distress these guys too!

I just LOVE the lines on these pretty tables and the light paint just made them so much prettier!

I feel kinda bad admitting this but I actually tried to convince my Mom to give these to me LOL...I'm glad she insisted on keeping them though...I can go find my own!!! The hunt is half the fun!

I hope everyone had a super fun weekend!


Jessica said...

YEAH! That was so fun. I hope Mom makes good use of those beauties.
Love you,

Jess Xox

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

the tables look great! i would have had a hard time letting someone else keep them too ~ even if it was my mom :)

but i agree the hunt is the best!

Ms.Cupcake (aka Becky) said...

hey chica! Love these lil tables! So beautiful! glad you are home safe and sound. I have quite a few projects to finish up but I finally started the fireplace! I painted her WHITE :) I am gonna do a part 1, 2, 3 ect post re: fireplace. I cant wait to see the other pieces you and your lovely sis painted! You ladies are very talented.

Talk soon,

Deb said...

Very pretty, I's want them too!

The Frosted Gardner said...

They turned out lovely!

Skifty said...

They did turn out very nice. Did you also use a glaze on them? I was wondering if they were just distressed or if they had glaze in the little decorative grooves. I really like how they turned out!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Love the tint of color you added! It looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

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