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Well life is pretty much back to normal for us over here. And I'm not complaining :) After 7 months of lonely worry filled days I'm welcoming as much normalcy as possible!! We are both back at work and although we do feel a little blue that the holidays are over, we have so much fun ahead of us this summer and I am itching to post about all my latest furniture transformations! But one thing is FOR SURE...we miss home already!

Being home was just what we needed! Sometimes I wish the days were longer!

Here are the last few pictures of our visit home...the view from my Dad's house made me want to wake up extra early so I could take it all in!

Dad and Leah you two are a couple of lucky ducks!

Jess had a hay day painting with the air compressor...and of course when she found out I was taking some photos she had to strike a pose LOL!

Here's a sneak peek at a few of the items I painted and brought back in our truck!

Hmmm I may need Holly's help on recovering this one HEE HEE!

I will MAKE ROOM for this one in our home...

I can't wait to show you what we've done to these beauties!! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Amanda said...

that view IS worth waking up early for! and all that furniture has stunning potential. can't wait to see what you've done!

your 7 things about you were great. :)

Deb said...

Your Dad sure has a beautiful view. I received my lovely prize in the mail on Friday. It's gorgeous! I'm going to get my daughter to model it for my blog.

Thank you so much!

Holly and Sean said...

WELCOME HOME!!! We've missed you guys! I am dying to see what you did that that dresser, it is insanely gorgeous~
Your Dad has such a beautiful view, no wonder you guys miss home when you are out here. Just give me a shout and we will get that chair covered.


Jessica said...

I had so much fun! Your pieces all turned out soo beautifully. I can't wait to see them on your blog. I can't wait until the next time we join forces.
Love you xox


Kacey said...

Hi Rebecca! Just found your blog and am so glad I did. I am loving all your furniture makeovers!

Cashmere 'n Cotton said...

That dresser is dynamite!!

Cashmere 'n Cotton said...

That dresser is dynamite!!