Nautical Stripes

On a fun filled day not too long ago Holly and I came across this lonesome pretty chair at a local antique mall! This one definitely caught my eye with all the gorgeous ornate wood detail on the back...however....the choice of fabric on the seat just didn't tickle our fancy!  So I found some sweet ticking stripe fabric at Chintz and Company and Holly gave me a great lesson on DIY seat re-covering! (Ok ok I'll be honest~ Holly did ALL the work while I was distracted playing with Wren lol)
What do you think?? Much better in my opinion!! The navy stripes on the seat look sharp against the stark white on the chair!
I sent my sister Jess a photo of the chair and she fell in we called Greyhound and it turns out they will only charge around $20 something dollars to send it all the way to Victoria!! I wish I had room for it but our small home is beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders and so I think it's best my sister gives this chair a home :)


Deb said...

That chair is gorgeous! Too bad you had to let it go.

Ms.Cupcake (aka Becky) said...

beautiful and very sweet of you to give it to your sis!



Audra said...

I love it!