A Few New Things Around Here...

  Well life is good these days having my hunny back home and worrying A LOT LESS, and so I went to Home Sense to enjoy what I love doing best which is decorating of course! I found a few treasures including this gorgeous ornate lacquered mirror....hmmm now to figure out where to put it LOL!
A while ago Holly and I found these gems on a thrifting adventure (I haven't killed them yet hee hee)!
I LOVE this antique looking iron coat rack!
Remember my slipcovers I was having made for our kitchen stools? Well here they are~ Rachel Ashwell inspired loose fitting linen slipcovers! They actually look a lot nicer in person! Kim (the lady who made them) was so sweet to ONLY charge me for the fabric and not for the labour since they took a little longer than expected (I insisted on paying but she refused no matter what I said)...I love them, they are beautiful Kim!
I also have something else I'm REALLY excited about...as if life could get any more exciting right now... Nathaniel bought a truck the other day!!! You know what this means right??? I now have the FREEDOM to scour the city for goodies to paint (Holly...this spells a lot of fun this summer for us!!...now we can get twice as much in a load if we need to)! The day Nathaniel brought home the truck I actually took it on its maiden voyage to a thrift store and picked up a great old desk I'm in the process of painting...stay tuned I'll be posting the transformation as soon as I pick out the new hardware!~


Amanda said...

LIfe is handing you all you deserve my lovely blog friend. Love all of your fantastic finds lately.

As for your Vegas comment, I commented back but wanted to make sure you knew, OF COURSE you could go with us next time! The more, the merrier. Especially in Vegas!

Audra said...

I love the mirror & all of the other goodies!

Ms.Cupcake (aka Becky) said...

Pretty! The slipcovers are lovely! And I really love the urns on you counter top! Stop by and see what I have refinished while you were on hiatus!

Becky in BC!

Jessica said...

Thank God you are back writing on your blog. I totally understand why you took a break but I was lost without it! Even though we talk lots, I miss you so much and often feel like I am missing out on important things in your life...your blog is a perfect way for me to get a glimps.
Love you!
Jess Xox

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Love love love the mirror! Which HomeSense were you at? I need to see if there is another one ASAP!! I have been looking forever for one like that, in white! If you can't find a home for it, I'd gladly take it off your hands! :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the sweet comments guys!!! Jess I miss you too!!! xoxoxo!