Let the Fur Balls Fly!

Fur balls and hair clumps are about as common in our home as the all too familiar dust bunny! Sometimes it feels like the Wild West around here....I'll look out of the corner of my eye and a fur wad resembling a bramble bush will roll by. I swear if I collected them all I could make a whole extra animal! I really don't know how its possible for them to shed that much hair!!! And surprizingly Toto is the worst culprit. Funny since the webpage I read about his breed described him as a minimal shedder....LIES!
So since I am having Linen slipcovers made rather than Fur slipcovers I thought I might as well think about the pet hair issue I have with most fabrics I have encountered. I really really want to go with Linen, especially since I really want the look in my inspiration photo. So I set out to find out which would attract pet hair the least: 100% Linen, Linen and Polyester blend, or Linen and Cotton blend. So I asked the lovely posters over at DecorPad for their advice on this. And while I was at it, I also asked what fabrics in general are not pet hair magnets!
My friend Norma posted this awesome link for me of an article from Apartment Therapy. It was so helpful! This article led me to this cool website called Crypton Super Fabrics. Their fabrics claim to give you freedom from stains, spills, bacteria, and odour...by the sounds of it they were created by Superman himself! They had some nice looking upholstery fabrics which you can order swatches of. Their twill  fabric would be great for slipcovers...although they didn't have any shades of white in the twill, Oat was pretty darn close! And they don't have any linens either but they did have a fabric called Bianca Snow (a pure white) which sounded amazing....inspired by men's suiting...'unexpectedly soft but able to withstand intense wear'!
Not only do they sell fabrics but they retail many items from furniture to dog beds!

Love this one!

I think I know a couple of dogs who would just LOVE to curl up on these!

Their dog beds are both disinfectable and washable! They cost between $109-175 depending on the size you need. Considering their durability and all their customer appreciation photos they have I think it's worth the extra bucks...especially if you want to get your dogs and cats to sleep in their own bed instead of yours or the couch (in our case).

So I'm thinking Toto and Calypso just might each get a gorgeous doggie bed for Christmas!!!


Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

I posted about my Crypton dog bed on Decorpad and my blog (really, about picking the fabric). Baxter is currently laying on his most expensive dog bed ever and he loves it.

They are VERY fluffy when they arrive, so it may take a while for your dog to use the bed regularly. I was a little nervous at first, thinking "I just spent $140 on a dog bed and you better use it!".

Here's my Decorpad thread: http://www.decorpad.com/viewThread.htm?messageId=22282

Lynett said...

I feel you on the hair balls everywhere. Mine gather up in the corners of my family room for some reason!

Suzie said...

The first one is my favorite! My little bunny is a fur ball monster too! :)